About Dubai International Airport (DXB)

Address: Dubai Intl Airport Terminal 1, 67 Airport Road, Dubai, 21971

  Getting around

Passengers arriving at Dubai International Airport (DXB) will instantly recognize two things. First, it’s a huge facility — spread out over 8,500 acres (35 square kms). And two, it’s busy — (DXB) is the world’s busiest airport in terms of international travel. You’ll arrive in one of three terminals, where you’ll find airport car rentals with more than a dozen major companies ready to furnish your perfect vehicle. Choose from Alamo, Dollar, Hertz and more.

Central Dubai lies 4.6 km (2.8 miles) east of (DXB), and serves as the critical transportation gateway to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the rest of the Persian Gulf. Greater Dubai is a rambling metropolis, and whether you’re traveling on business or for pleasure, car hire is the most desired mode of transport. Getting around the city requires a quick familiarity with driving in the Middle East.

For starters, ask for a GPS in your car rental — it’s a must. Expect heavy traffic to and from the airport, as well as in the city itself, so it’s important to have an idea where you are, and where you’re heading. The route from (DXB) to Central Dubai involves a toll road, so check with your airport car rental provider for details. Meanwhile, the streets and highways are particularly wide, but people drive faster in Dubai than some other places in the world. Just remain calm and concentrate on the road.

Finally, if someone flashes their headlights in your rearview mirror, that’s a warning. It usually means, “Get out of my way!” You can avoid this by staying out of the fast lane. And only change lanes when it’s safe to do so.

  Choosing your car

Choosing the right car is made easier by the wide range of vehicles available. (DXB) airport car rental offers mini models like the Ford Figo, ideal for single travelers. The compact Mitsubshi Lancer is perfect for couples without a lot of luggage. For a little more room (but comparable fuel efficiency), look to the Hyundai Accent.

If you need more room for travel companions and suitcases, the full-size Mazda 6 seats five passengers and accommodate three large bags. SUVs are the preferred car hire for highway driving. Choose from a wide array of all-wheel drive cars like the Renault Duster. Meanwhile, the spacious Toyota Innova 7-9 seater people carriers are suitable for larger groups and families.

  Tips and advice for renting a car at Dubai Airport


Camel and goat sightings are common on roads and highways across the Middle East. Camels in particular are prized possessions in the Arab world, and if you hit one, first, you’re going to wreck the vehicle. And second, you’ll probably have to pay the owner some kind of blood money.


Inform your car rental agency if you plan to travel to Oman. Extra insurance coverage will be necessary.


Searing heat is always a factor in the Persian Gulf. Always keep extra water on-hand to avoid dehydration or heat stroke.


Planning your route on a GPS is highly recommended.


Vehicles in Dubai are left-hand drive and use the right lane.


Parking garages and metered on-street parking are plentiful across the region. In Central Dubai, metered parking is enforced from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM from Saturday through Thursday. Fridays and public holidays are free.