About Durban King Shaka International (DUR)

Address: Terminal Building, Durban International Airport, Durban, 4000

Serving the beautiful province of KwaZulu/Natal, Durban King Shaka International Airport is the most modern in South Africa. Built in 2010, it is situated 35 kilometres from the Durban city centre as well as the "Golden Mile", a stretch of the most popular beaches in the city.

The trip into Durban itself will take less than 40 minutes along one of KwaZulu/Natal's major highways, the N2. And it's a case of disembarking, gathering your luggage, rent a car and enjoy your holiday. It's that easy thanks to the huge range of Durban airport car rentals to choose from.

  Getting around

For lovers of a tropical climate, sun-kissed beaches and the roar of the ocean, Durban has it all, and more for good measure. Sadly, as with many of the cities in South Africa, public transport is unreliable, at best. That's why car rental is your best choice for not only travelling from the airport to Durban but around KwaZulu/Natal while on vacation. And that's mainly because although Durban is home to many impressive tourist attractions, there is much to see and do outside the city.

For example, if choose car hire as your preferred mode of transport, you should certainly take some time out to travel inland and see the beauty of the KwaZulu/Natal highlands and the majestic Drakensberg mountains. Or as a lover of history, perhaps a visit to the colonial battlefields of Isandlwana and Rorke’s or the local Zulu villages, many which have become popular tourist attractions, including Dumazulu.

  Choosing your car

King Shaka International car rental agencies include both international names and some local companies such as Europcar, Sixt, Avis, Hertz, Tempest, Budget and more. Many vehicle options are available, from small compact sedans which are excellent fuel savers to luxury executive cars and people carriers. Almost all will have air conditioning, a must in the stifling Durban heat where humidity levels can reach 100%. Airport car rental kiosks are near the arrivals hall so you will be out of the airport and on the road to your hotel in next to no time.

  Tips and advice for renting a car at Durban Airport King Shaka


Once you have rented your car, travel along the N2 highway in a southerly direction towards Durban. All roads are well signposted, so it's easy to find your way to the city.


A GPS unit, either your own or part of your car hire package is a must. It's just far easier than using a map book, especially when heading inland away from the densely populated areas.


For safety reasons, try not to drive around at night. That's not just in the city itself but the province in general.


Most car rental agencies will give you a vehicle with a full tank of petrol. Return it with a full tank and you will not be charged any fuel costs.


You will encounter informal "car guards" in parking areas throughout Durban and the surrounding suburbs as well as in coastal holiday towns. They will watch your car while you eat at the local restaurant or relax on the beach. Part of the informal workforce in the country, you can tip them R5 if you think they did a great job.


The sun sets fairly early in Durban and by 18:00, it will be dark already. Bear that in mind when travelling.