About Bloemfontein International Airport (BFN)

Address: Bram Fischer Intl. Airport, Terminal Building, Bloemfontein, 9301

Bloemfontein Airport is located in central South Africa and serves the legislative capital of the country. Known to the locals as Bram Fischer International Airport and named after a struggle icon, it was significantly upgraded before the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa.

While Bloemfontein and the province of the Orange Free State which it serves is not a prime tourist location in the country, its centrality makes it an attractive option, especially if road tripping through the country. And its simple to rent a car and be on your way thanks to the Bloemfontein Airport car rental options available to you.

  Getting around

Bloemfontein Airport is situated 17,5 kilometres to the east of the CBD. Getting there, or to your hotel is easiest by car rental as public transport in the city is unreliable at best. Booking a vehicle can be done online well before you even start your holiday. Not only will it help secure the cheapest rates but on arrival, simply go to one of the Bloemfontein Airport car rentals and drive away once you have secured your luggage. Nothing could be simpler.

Bloemfontein has some attractions that are well worth visiting, even if you only stay in the city for a short period. And if you love history, two museums stand out, the Anglo-Boer War Museum and the Queen’s Fort Military museum. Both have some exceptional exhibits from South Africa’s turbulent past.

  Choosing your car

Car hire and securing your vehicle is the easiest thing to do online. And a wide range of vehicles from the likes of Bidvest, Thrifty and Avis are at your disposal, booked with just a few clicks. Airport car rental options include a massive range of vehicles from a variety of carmakers such as Toyota, Kia, Hyundai and more.

These include people carriers, for large groups of 7-12 persons, to compact fuel-efficient sedans and just about everything else in-between. So no matter your car rental requirement, you are safe in the knowledge that it's just waiting for you when you land, thanks to your online booking.

  Tips and advice for renting a car at Bloemfontein Airport


Bloemfontein is not a very big city, although you might still get lost if you don’t have a GPS system. So hire one, or use your mobile to get to your destination safely.


Like most of the cities in South Africa, try not to travel around too much at night and if you do, keep your car doors locked at all times. Having said that Bloemfontein is fairly safe.


South Africans are terrible drivers. Not only do they not really adhere to speed limits but they might even jump traffic lights. Be vigilant when crossing them, even if it's your turn to go.


In South Africa, you will drive on the left-hand side of the road. Keep left and pass right on multi-lane highways.


Major roads in South Africa are generally in very good condition. Others, not so much! Keep a lookout for potholes and don’t speed.


Despite South Africa having ELEVEN official languages, signposts are written in English, so it's easy to follow them.