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About Prague Airport (PRG)

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Address: Vaclav Havel Apt Prague Aviaticka 1082-10 Park C Contact Customer Man, Prague, 16000

The biggest airport in the Czech Republic, Prague Airport, or Václav Havel as it is known to locals is the primary entrance point for tourists into the country. With the ability to handle even the largest of passenger planes, this busy airport sees 17 million visitors each year. Although there are four terminals at the airport, only two are used for regular flights with the other two use for VIP and private aircraft and state visits.

Travelling from Prague Airport into the city using car rental is simple with the city centre just 7 kilometres from the airport itself. And it’s easy to secure a vehicle thanks to the many airport car rental options available to you.

  Getting around

Prague is certainly a city worth spending some time in. Home to well over a million people, the city has many attractions including impressive architecture from the Gothic, Rennaissance and Baroque eras. And while the city is easy to travel through using public transport, if you travel outside of it, its best to travel at your own leisure. And the easiest way to do that is simply to rent a car.

In fact, using Prague as a base and car hire as your transport option, there are many day trips that you could consider while in the city, including visiting Vienna, the Chapel of Bones at Kutna Hora or the spectacular village of Český Krumlov, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

  Choosing your car

It’s easiest to book your vehicle online before your trip if you choose to use a Prague Airport car rental. Choose from a massive range of vehicles, all across different price points and giving you a large selection of vehicles to choose from.

No matter what rental agencies you might have used in Europe before, especially the larger companies, you will find them represented as part of the Prague Airport car rentals available for you to choose from. Vehicle options cover the widest spectrum and its easy to find the perfect vehicle for your travelling party, from compact sedans, family sedans, SUVs, large vehicles to transport groups and more.

  Tips and advice for renting a car at Prague Airport


Speed limits are often based on the type of road you are on. On residential roads, its 50 kilometres an hour while on highways you can travel up to 130 kilometres an hour.


When travelling on highways, your car must have a particular sticker displayed at all times. Speak to your car rental agency to ensure you have the correct sticker and where you should display it.


Czech drivers are generally aggressive. If they think you are not driving fast enough, they will tailgate you. Rather just pull over and let them pass.


Do NOT drink and drive. Even during random traffic stops, you will be subjected to a breathalyser test.


Cars are required by law to drive with their lights on, even during the day. Make sure you adhere to this.


Every vehicle is required by law to have a first aid kit. Check with your vehicle rental company that your rental car does indeed have one.    

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Frequently asked questions about renting a car at Prague - Airport

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17. Which forms of payment are generally acceptable for car rental at Prague - Airport?

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19. What is the highest rated rental company for overall service at Prague - Airport and how does this compare to others?

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20. Are there eco friendly rated cars for rent at Prague - Airport?