Chobe National Park Botswana
Chobe National Park Botswana
Okavango River
Okavango River

About Botswana (BW)

Botswana is a landlocked, mostly flat, southern African country. The Kalahari Desert makes up the largest part, while the remaining area consists of African savanna, expansive game reserves and rural villages. The capital, Gaborone, is the centre point of the country’s luxury tourism and safari industry.

World-renowned destinations such as the Okavango Delta, Chobe National Park, and Moremi Game Reserve each offers a totally unique experience. The best way to travel to these remote wildlife locations independently is by renting a car in Botswana.

The peak season is in winter when the bush is dry, and the animals gather around the watering holes. During the wet summer, the bush will be green and the wildlife more dispersed, but one should still see large herds of antelope and elephant.

  Getting around

Botswana is a large country with minimal road infrastructure. You will not be going anywhere fast. In the dry season the roads are covered with thick soft sand and during the wet season, the same roads become muddy and slippery. It will be better to do short trips from a town or camp site as a base, before moving on to the next town or camp site.

There is also no rescue or roadside service, so be well prepared with food, water and fuel before attempting the roads. Unless the plan is to stay in and around the towns, it is essential to have a 4x4. Know how to deal with the road conditions, since sand can be as treacherous as mud.  Also make sure to carry a tyre puncture kit, as even the tarred roads can have big potholes.

  Choosing your car

The Botswana car rental suppliers include the major brands such as Hertz, Alamo, Avis and Thrifty. There is fierce competition amongst the suppliers of 4x4 vehicles, but this Botswana car hire booking site makes it easy to choose from a selection of cars. You can also add extra benefits to your Botswana car rental, such as a GPS or child seat.

However, to ensure cheap car rental in Botawana, we recommend that you book online well in advance. It is advisable to take full insurance on your Botswana rental car that includes collision damage excess waiver.  Depending on your residency this can be found on our site and save you a lot of money on the rates charged by your car rental supplier.  Some travel insurances also cover this.

  Tips and advice for renting a car in Botswana


Visitors are encouraged to be eco-friendly and dispose of plastic and other consumer items in a responsible way. Keep a bag in your car to be thrown away when you reach to the next town.


It is recommended to take certain health precautions such as vaccinations and anti-malaria medication. Your travel clinic can advise best.


Avoid driving outside towns at night. Roads are not lit and collisions with animals are common.


In rural areas petrol stations can be few and far apart, and in some areas, stations might be out of fuel for days.   


Check the inside of your shoes before using and your bed at night, as you might find bugs such a spiders or scorpions hidden away!


Get a portable solar power unit for the duration of your trip. These can be rented from safari centres or travel shops in Gaborone.